Inky Splots Collection

Alcohol Inks are my most recent and beguiling passion! It’s a very lovely habit I picked up from visiting lots of posts on Instagram using this medium and thinking, no, I won’t succumb to yet something else I’ll need to buy loads of materials for. But after seeing such beautiful results from lots of lovely artists I thought, well, maybe I could try one or two bits…

It is such a beautiful substance to use – the colours are sumptuous, with the vibrancy and wow factor you get from acrylic paints – but with the gentle, floaty & ethereal nature of watercolours.

My Inky Splots Collection features abstract splashes, drips, drops & drizzles in gorgeous jewel and sea colours.

I use a combination of alcohol ink pens, ink in bottles and pure alcohol itself, with various methods of applying to create different effects. Most of my work is painted onto Yupo, which is a synthetic type of paper allowing the flowing and spreading quality of the inks to work at their best. Sometimes I use translucent vellum, which has similar properties but I feel creates a more frosted “captured” effect within the paper. I always finish my pieces with several coats of varnish to protect them against UV and fading.

Several of my pieces are currently framed and available to buy from the shops listed on the home page – soon to be added to Etsy.

Click to see the Inky Splots Collection blog which gives more detail about each piece.

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