Painted Furniture

IMG_1978London Skyline Chair is an upcycled vintage NAAFI dining chair. My husband works in a music shop and he discovered it in a neglected corner of the storeroom – just waiting to be rescued and shown some love! At the time I really fancied giving it a smart new look and the NAAFI connection made me think of London. It started with the desire to use the London skyline and finding the map upholstery material completed the design and colour scheme. My very good friend bought it from me and now uses it every day as her dressing table chair so I’m very happy with that! šŸ™‚



The finished table

Cat Table – I LOVED doing this project! It was one of the first bigger pieces I created when first moving to Derby and was important both in helping me get my creative mojo back again, and to detailing the important new moments of my life in the decorative squares around the edge, such as things to do with me and Dan, Dizzy our black cat, marking our recent engagement, our house and garden, jazz careers etc etc… Dizzy even “helped” by providing the actual paw print you see at the top of the table. She jumped up on it when the black cat paint was still wet and walked all over the table! I wasn’t too happy and painted over most of the damage, but decided the top print was quite cute! Table by artists MillieMoth & Dizzy… Click here for my blog about this table, the method and its present state a few years down the line!


Photo 11-03-2014 09 21 06




French Blackboard Shelf










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