Sea Collection

Like most people, I’m drawn to the sea and the beautiful blue & green colours and images associated with it. Collecting shells, pebbles and soft washed driftwood is a joy and something I don’t get the chance to do very often living in Derby! I’ve amassed lots of sea related detritus over the years, mostly from Cornwall & Whitby, and take great pleasure in rediscovering something on my craft shelves and bringing it to life in a new project. The Sea Collection typifies such crafty upcycling! I’ve had fun making these and no doubt will always add to this collection, I hope you enjoy looking at them. Please check my Etsy Shop if you are interested in any of these pieces as some are available to buy. I also have some pieces for sale in Design@44 on Sadler Gate, Derby.




Little Boat on Stormy Sea


This is an original mixed media piece featuring a little hand drawn boat on a swirling sea created by textures, acrylic paints and pens to highlight detail. It has a white mount in an upcycled reclaimed frame painted with dark blue chalk paints and then waxed to suit the picture. This piece is for sale at Design@44 on Sadler Gate, Derby.


Vintage Mermaid is a framed mixed media piece full of textures, acrylic paint & wax, driftwood and black & white vintage images. It features a quote I fell in love with by Alice Hoffman “She dreams of the ocean, Late at night, And longs for the Wild salt air.” This piece is for sale at Design@44 on Sadler Gate, Derby.

Dimensions 73x25x3cm (29x10x1.25″)




Fairytale Mermaid is a mixed media wall decoration featuring beautiful vintage sea images and shells. It’s upcycled from a wooden bead display tray.


Dimensions 40×25.5x5cm (15.75x10x2″)





Driftwood Fish is a wall hanging completely created using found objects – driftwood, old garden fence panels, bit of old leather boot, press stud & rusty washers! Decorated using rich sea colours. I’m forever blowing bubbles…

** SOLD **

Dimensions 24x30cm (9×12″). Depth 5cm.





Sea Dreams is a pair of sea inspired decorative plaques made from one original piece of beautiful old weathered wood, upcycled from a garden fence. I used rich blue & green paints as a base to represent the jewel like colours of the ocean, with hand drawn gold & white layers of swirls and dots to suggest the fluidity and movement amongst the underwater currents. Click here to buy this piece

Dimensions: Large wood measurements at its widest points: 590x120mm, Small wood measurements at its widest points: 590x67mm.



Saucy Mermaid decoration on a small piece of rescued wood complete with rusty nails feet. Sometimes I can’t resist the challenge of beautifying a piece of discarded wood which is destined for the dustbin. This piece has sold so I’m happy to report I feel I won that challenge!





2013 Sealife mosaic

Sea Life Mosaic was a project I did a few years ago. I really enjoyed creating this but for some reason haven’t done much with mosaics recently. I still have lots of potential crockery for a future project so maybe I should have another go soon! My dear friend bought this piece from me. I was very happy as it means I’ll get to see it again 🙂 Can’t remember the exact size but I think it was about 12×10″.






Beach Hut was a 3D picture I created about 5 years ago and gave to a lovely woman for her birthday. It’s a bit of a patchwork in terms of age – the watercolour (unfinished) in the background is one I painted of Mousehole Harbour in Cornwall in the mid 90s. The shells & driftwood are from my collection I’ve gathered over several years. The beach hut   was made from two bits of wood I found in our tool chest(!) and the frame is one I’ve had FOREVER, and have totally refurbished it to build this new piece. I like it’s history. The very special lady has passed away now and I inherited it back to display in my own house. It means a lot to me in every way.



Driftwood Mirror is another blast from the past. In fact this is probably one of the first pieces I’ve ever made! It must be 20 years old now and is still in perfect condition. This driftwood, pebbles & rope details were definitely collected from Mousehole Beach. To this day I still proudly have it hung on my craft room wall and it will always be one of my favourite pieces! I’m so glad I didn’t sell this 🙂

Dimensions 41x31cm (16×12″)





Mini Driftwood Mirror is a small wall decoration using driftwood & dried seaweed. One of my first sales – it’s exciting when people you’ve never met like your work!

Dimensions 11x11cm (4.5×4.5″)


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